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01. Shots
02. Trouble
03. It’s Time
04. Roots
05. I Was Me
06. Polaroid
07. I’m so Sorry
08. Gold
09. Second Chances
10. Demons
11. On Top of the World
12. Friction
13. I Bet My Life
14. Radioactive


15. The Fall

This show was a first for me in quite a few ways. It was the first time I went to an Imagine Dragons show. It was the first time I went to a show of a band I didn’t know anything about. I didn’t know the band member’s names. Yes, I admit it, I had to google them before writing this article. Just found out that every band member is younger than me. Also a first. It was the first time I went to a band’s show without owning any of their records. So, why did I even go?

Yes, I was asking myself this question while I was at the venue yesterday. Feeling awefully tired, all I wanted was to be at home on my sofa. But that feeling was about to change. At 8pm the support band Sunset Sons started their set. What can I say… these guys are bloody fantastic! I started going to gigs when I was 15 in 1996. Until today it only happened twice that I actually considered buying a support act’s record. Well, Sunset Sons, you’re gonna be nummer three. Feel free to check them out on Facebook and on SoundCloud.

Anyway, Imagine Dragons…. Why would I go to a show of a band I know nothing about… Being slightly addicted to gigging, I was on the lookout of some shows to go to. So I came across these guys. I checked their setlist and realized that I already know a couple of their songs and really liked them. So I decided to give them a shot.

The current tour is called “Smoke + Mirrors” like their album (yes, I’m going to buy that one, too) and this also showed in the stage design which I considered well-made. The light effects complimented the songs and their vibe perfectly. Being used to a – let’s say relcutant –  audience in Munich, I was surprised about the crowd’s enthusiasm. Since the band was younger than me, approximately 80% of the audience were as well. And Imagine Dragons put on a great show. Dan Reynolds’ voice is almost flawless and he kept up the energy throughout the show.

Although he pointed out that he’d just broken his wrist which happened to him for the second time in Germany. He called it a “lucky charm for Germany”. I felt a bit sorry for him when he tried to catch one of the fan’s led balloons with his insured hand. One fan threw one of the balloons against his crotch. His response: “I will never forgive you for that.” There was a lot of funny Dan-fan-interaction. He spent the majority of the time on the runway surrounded by the crowd, making jokes and initiating sing-alongs. It was really fun to watch. That guy is indeed hilarious.

The show was quite short for my taste. But I guess it’ll expand once they have more songs out. I will definitely keep my eyes on them and I’m very curious about their further music career.