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01. I’ve Been Losing You
02. Cry Wolf
03. Move to Memphis
04. Stay on These Roads
05. The Swing of Things
06. Cast in Steel
07. Crying in the Rain
08. Mother Nature Goes to Heaven
09. We’re Looking for the Whales
10. Velvet
11. Lifelines
12. Here I Stand and Face the Rain
13. Scoundrel Days
14. Sycamore Leaves
15. Foot of the Mountain
16. She’s Humming a Tune
17. Hunting High and Low
18. The Sun Always Shines on T.V.
19. Under the Makeup
20. The Living Daylights
21. Take on Me

My very first a-ha – Show ever! Back in 2010 when they split up and I saw their last show on DVD I thought: “Damn, I never made it to one of their shows! Why have I never been to one of their shows?” I simply couldn’t tell. Then in 2015 I learned they were going on tour again. This time I took my chance an bought a ticket. I picked Zurich as a location so I could also meet some dear friends I haven’t seen for a while. I had this ticket lying around for more than a year and I was really looking forward to see the show.

I spent a lovely day in Zurich with my friends and we took a bit longer than expected. So I missed the support band but luckily I arrived on time for Morten,  Magne and Pål. My seat was really close to the stage so I had a very good view. The band started shortly after 9 p.m with “I’ve Been Losing You”. There were way more people on stage than I expected. One of them was Anneli Drecker who did amazing backing and lead vocals.

The setlist consisted of a mix throughout the past 30 years of the band’s history. Of course most people were waiting for the classics like “Stay on these Roads” or “Hunting High and Low”. Morten was not very talkative so Magne was in charge of audience interaction. He did most of the talking and was quite funny. Before he sang “Livelines” he orderd the people to hold up their phones with the flashlights on. “Those of you with low battery: screw you. You should have fucking charged before you got here!”

I was really stunned when Pål started singing “Velvet”. What an amazing voice! I wasn’t expecting that at all. And Morten’s voice is just flawless. I was truly amazed how he catched even the highest notes with seemingly no effort. No wonder he needed some breaks during the show while the others provided the vocals. Hard to believe he’s already in his fifties.

I was really impressed by the singing skills of the Zurich audience. While playing “Hunting High and Low” Morten asked them to sing and they were really good. But a bit too quiet for Morten’s taste. “Zurich, you won’t find anything this way!” The first encore started with “The Sun always shines on TV” which made people literally jump off their seats. The show ended with “Take on Me” and everyone was ecstatic.

By the way: I loved the stage design. It complimented the songs extremly well. I had a great evening in Zurich with a fantastic band and I will surely see them again if they do another tour.