03.06.2015 – O2 World Hamburg

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Concert Reports, Foo Fighters
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Main Stage

01. Everlong
02. Monkey Wrench
03. Learn to Fly
04. Something From Nothing
05. The Pretender
06. Arlandria
07. Big Me
08. Long Road to Ruin
09. White Limo
10. Cold Day in the Sun
11. Congregation
12. Walk

End of Runway

13. Wheels
14. My Hero
15. Times Like These

Center Stage

16. Stay With Me (The Faces cover)
17. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)
18. Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie cover)

Main Stage

19. All My Life
20. These Days
21. Outside
22. Breakout
23. Generator
24. Aurora
25. Best of You

My very first Foo Fighters Gig! My friend had been in Manchester the week before and told me it was amazing and I was in for a treat. So my expectations were very high. But whatever expectations I had, Dave Grohl and his band exceeded them in every possible way… It was FANTASTIC!

The show started with “Everlong” and the sound was awful. You could barely hear Dave’s voice. Which is a shame because he (and Taylor btw) has an outstandingly good voice. Luckily the crew managed to fix this just in time for “Learn To Fly”. Ah, “Learn To Fly”! That was the song that initially got me into them. “There Is Nothing Left to Lose” is still my favourite album and the video is just hilarious.

The support band Hawk Eyes had sound problems aswell. Unfortunately no one took an effort to fix them so their set just sounded like indefinable noise. Poor lads…

Anyway… the Foos came on stage and Hamburg freaked out. In the seated area no one kept on their chairs, they all jumped up and started screaming. The atmosphere was just amazing. And Dave Grohl managed to keep them all on track. Song after song was played without any sort of break. “We don’t do two-hour-shows!” The first longer break occurred when the band was about to play “Big Me”. Dave spotted a fan who had painted a picture of him and wanted him to sign it. So he took that “crazy motherf*cker with the picture” on stage, hugged him and signed the portrait. It was the most touching moment I’ve ever witnessed at a gig and I was lucky enough to get it on camera. Good Guy Grohl. Someone give this man a cookie. Or a beer. Or whatever the f*ck he wants.


To make sure everyone could see him properly Dave ran back and forth on his runway that led right through the crowd. At the very end he played a little acoustic set. He announced “Wheels” as a song which nobody liked anywhere, except of the audience right here in Hamburg. Not sure what that was about. He was talking to the audience quite much and there were a lot of “f*ck”, “I’ll tell you how we do it” and “here’s the thing…” involved. Any other rockstar would have appeared arrogant. But not him. He just seems like the fun guy next door you’d love to have a pint with. I’d love to buy him a drink.

Halfway through “Times Like These” the band appeared on the centre stage and performed the song with him. Then they did 3 covers while the stage was spinning around so everyone had the chance to see the band. Very nice idea. At a couple of prior shows this stage could not be used due to the rain. Since this show was indoors there were no limitations and the band really enjoyed playing. And some champagne they drank right from the bottle. Cheers!

Back on the main stage Dave stated that there will be no encores. They won’t go offstage, waiting for the crowd to call them back out. They’ll just keep on playing until they are done playing and not wasting precious gig time. And that’s what they did. They played almost 3 hours. “Do you have to work tomorrow? … Yeah, me neither!”

After “Breakout” they played “Generator” and “Aurora”. Well, I mentioned that “There Is Nothing Left to Lose” was my favourite album, right? I was over the moon. This gig was absolutely EPIC and I’ll make sure I’ll be seeing them again.

  1. Karen says:

    Hello from San Diego CA USA – Enjoyed your post and photos! Thanks for sharing them. I almost feel like I was there with you!


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