01. Mashup Intro #2
02. Guilty All The Same
03. Given Up
04. Points Of Authority
05. One Step Closer
06. Blackout
07. Papercut
08. Rebellion
09. Runaway
10. Wasteland
11. Castle Of Glass
12. Leave Out All The Rest / Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent
13. Robot Boy
14. Joe Hahn Solo
15. Burn It Down
16. Waiting For The End
17. Final Masquerade
18. Wretches And Kings / Remember The Name
19. Numb
20. In The End
21. Faint


22. Lost In The Echo
23. New Divide
25. Crawling
26. Until It’s Gone
27. What I’ve Done
28. Bleed It Out

My 4th show of The Hunting Party Tour and unfortunately my last. I’m gonna miss these guys. This time I decided to use my LPU XIII Laminate to get early entry. So I queued up with plenty of other members by the LPU sign. At about 5:15 pm they started to let us in. We received our wristbands and after a short period of waiting they would lead us inside the arena. I managed to get a spot at the runway. Excellent!

Some security guy asked me if I was ok every 30 minutes. Very nice. I was ok, for now… General admission started and soon I found myself inside a huge crowd. But I was still fine. Time went by very slowly… as usually while waiting for a show to begin. Sometimes I feel as soon as you get inside a venue you are in another dimension where every minute lasts at least 2 times as long. Of Mice & Men started their set at 7:30 pm and the crowd began to move. Still nothing to worry about although some girl fainted and had to be carried out.

At 8:30 my last Linkin Park show of this tour finally started. I was happy and sad at the same time. The intro started and the people around me went mental. There was a lot of jumping and pushing around me but it was still ok. Since I was standing at the runway, Mike and Chester walked by a lot. Everytime they came anywhere near us the guys behind me started pushing me against the barriers and even tried to push my head down so they could reach out to Mike and Chester. I was unable to move and it hurt like hell. If I ever meet these guys again I swear I will beat the shit out of them. I’ve been to a lot of gigs in my life. I know that there’s a lot of pushing and jumping and things can get really uncomfortable. But these guys were just a bunch of reckless assholes.

I still managed to stay at my spot and even to touch Chester. Some unlucky ones had to be pulled out because they fainted or were about to pass out. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this. I don’t know. It’s just really hard to enjoy a great show when the people behind you are trying to crush you to death.

The band did a great job as usual and clearly enjoyed playing. I was surprised there was no flag on Mike’s keyboard this time. For the encore someone attached an English flag with Mike’s face on it. Don’t know where that one came from. Anyway, it was a great show with the same set as in Vienna. I will certainly miss Linkin Park and hope they’ll be back touring Europe soon. I will definitely go and see them again. Maybe I’ll choose a different spot in the arena next time…



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