01. Mashup Intro #2
02. Guilty All The Same
03. Given Up
04. With You
05. One Step Closer
06. Blackout
07. Papercut
08. Rebellion
09. Runaway
10. Wasteland
11. Castle Of Glass
12. Leave Out All The Rest / Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent
13. Robot Boy
14. Joe Hahn Solo
15. Numb
16. Waiting For The End
17. Final Masquerade
18. Wretches And Kings / Remember The Name
19. Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You
20. Somewhere I Belong
21. In The End
22. Faint


23. Burn It Down
24. Lost In The Echo
25. New Divide
26. Until It’s Gone
27. What I’ve Done
28. Bleed It Out

One of the greatest days in my life started at around 12pm at the Hardrock Café Munich. Since this was my first LPU MeetUp I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were a bunch of 25 people and the guys at the location had reserved a separate room for us and offered us a menue for 15€. Thanks to the staff at Hardrock Café and to LPU for organizing these events and giving us the chance to connect with other fans! One girl brought a German flag for us all to sign which was meant to be put at Mike Shinoda’s keyboard for the show. And that’s where it ended up.

Though I am a very shy person (yes, I really am!) I had no problems to find company. A few of us teamed up and decided to go to the venue together. Some of us including me had a “will call” ticket. We were supposed to collect our tickets at the box office but nobody seemed to know where that was.  So we walked around the Olympic Hall to find the LPU Early Entry meeting point hoping we might get some information there. Some security lady told us to wait right there and we would get our tickets later on.

Having a Meet & Greet I was very excited and nervous. We had to wait outside for about 2 hrs until they let us in. We got our tickets, our Meet & Greet laminate, a poster and some other merchandise items. They had reserved a small room backstage for us with a small buffet and some beverages. We could leave our belongings in there and check out the venue and the merchandise. Lorenzo from LPU HQ told us to be back at 7pm sharp to meet the band.

After walking around for some time and doing stupid selfies we got back to our room where we were told that there will be a delay of 30 minutes. Apparently there was a fire in the subway and some people who won a Meet & Greet were stuck. So they decided to delay the whole thing to give everyone the opportunity to meet Linkin Park. Very nice move.

Having a little more time we went for a walk and a smoke again. The smoking area was next to the main entrance where we could watch a girl almost having a breakdown. The security staff had told her the M&G already took place. We overheard this and went there to tell her the whole thing got delayed because of the subway incident.  God, she was happy!

We went back to our area and Justin came in to set up the camera equipment and to take some group shots. After that Lorenzo came to tell us there would be another delay – of two seconds.  Muhahaha! At first I wanted my Hybrid Theory album to be signed but then I chose the poster so I could put it in a frame for everyone to see. We kept waiting for the band to show up. Everytime someone walked by my heart stopped.

First one to enter was Joe Hahn and everyone started screaming. He looked kind of shocked and pretended to leave the room backwards. Then Mike stuck his head through the door. Again screaming. He went out and in again and everytime his head showed: screams. Mike and Joe started signing our stuff. Mike tapped on my hat, said: “I like that!” and smiled at me. I couldn’t make a single sound. All I could do was smile like an idiot. The rest of the band came in and they shot the group photo.

After that we were asked to go to the walls of the room so the guys could  go along, sign our stuff and talk to us. Phoenix asked me if I was fine and again I couldn’t answer.  I was basically braindead. The girl next to me approached Brad and asked him if she could go on stage with him. He was signing my poster and we shared some irritated looks.

Chester was still at the other side of the room because he took a lot of time to talk to each and everyone. Very sweet. While I was watching him I thought of what I wanted to say to and practised my line over and over in my head, just to make sure I could get it out properly. And I did! I told him I was at Download Festival where they performed Hybrid Theory and that it was just awesome. He said: “Yeah, awesome!” and high-fived me. I asked him if I might give him a hug and he just hugged me. It was so amazing and so unreal. He is such a sweet guy… incredible. Because of the delay everyone was a bit in a hurry and the whole thing didn’t take long.

Still totally overwhelmed and smiling from ear to ear I went to the arena to get my seat. The show started not long after and it was just great. It was loud, it was energetic and the Munich audience went crazy. And I was on cloud no. 9 anyway.

They played the same set as in Zurich which didn’t bother me because there are a lot of my favourites on it. I had a great time, I met awesome people and the show was fantastic. What more could I ask for? See you in Vienna!




  1. Peter says:

    I was in the same Room with you….where are the Photo`s from Us with the Band????? The Show was great, yes….. but…..


  2. Peter says:

    Thank you so much…. Peace !!!!


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